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Should I invest in an apartment or a house?

  • Research the local real estate market and find out whether houses or apartments are in higher demand.  Market conditions change regularly.
  • Talk to a First National Real Estate agent to find out what’s popular in different regions and different parts of the city you wish to invest in.
  • If you already know where you plan to invest, focus your research there and determine which type of property is in demand and which is in shortest supply.
  • If you’re aiming for a portfolio of properties, then a mixture of houses and apartments is a good way to diversify and minimise risk.
  • Apartments are usually less expensive so the answer may lie in affordability.
    However, houses tend to maintain and improve their value more consistently.
  • Some property investors believe apartments are too similar to one another and that houses offer more potential to differentiate and add value.
  • With a house, you’ll be bearing 100% of the costs of maintenance whereas in some apartments, body corporate fees may cover certain expenses.
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