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Is a retirement village or retirement home living right for me?

If the day-to-day tasks of property maintenance such as gardening and housework have become too much for you to easily manage, there are a number of options to consider.  These options include home help, hiring a handyman or moving to a smaller, low-maintenance apartment.  Moving to a retirement home or village will also relieve the need for you to maintain the property and gardens yourself.
You may want to consider moving to a retirement village:
  • If you’ve recently lost a partner or companion (although it’s advisable to allow yourself adequate time to adjust before making such an important decision).
  • If you feel the social or religious activities available in a retirement village would appeal to you.
  • If you expect in the near future to require things like level access ways, doorways that can easily fit wheelchairs and other elderly support features
  • If you’d feel more confident knowing emergency assistance is nearby
  • If you'd appreciate being part of a village community and would enjoy the social interaction it offers
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