What else do I need consider before I lease out my commer... What else do I need consider before I lease out my commercial property?
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How should I go about deciding where to live?

Moving to a smaller house after years of family living is a big step. It’s important to do your research. Make a list of all the things you want in your new home and see how this balances with your financial situation. Some things to consider are:
  • Location of family and friends – Do you want to stay close to your family or friends, or are you happy to move to a more remote location?
  • Interests and hobbies – Can your interests and hobbies still be achieved at your new location?  Are there particular amenities you want to be close to?
  • Transport – Will you be relying on public transport, or will you get around by private vehicle?  Public transport is not available in all rural areas.
  • Shops – Will your new location have the shops and supermarkets you want?
  • Services – What other services do you think you’ll need in your new location?  Make sure your new property is close to libraries, medical facilities, sports clubs, RSAs or other facilities you need.
Use the internet to search for suitable home locations. Once you know the sort of lifestyle you want, narrow down the available options to achieve it:
  • City living - Townhouses or apartments closer to the Central Business District (CBD) will be smaller, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the energy of the inner city. Moving from the suburbs to the city can provide you with access to museums, restaurants, shopping centres and theatres, right outside your door.
  • Rural living - With your children now living away from home, you may decide to take the opportunity to move out of the city completely. A small home in the countryside can offer a slower pace of life.  New Zealand’s compact size means you don’t have to venture far from major urban centres to get the benefits of rural living.
  • Gated-community - While generally popular overseas in high-crime areas, gated communities are becoming more common in New Zealand.  This is largely due to the private facilities they offer to residents. With amenities like swimming pools, fitness centres, sports clubs, golf courses, marina and beach access, and water sports, living in your new home can feel like a holiday.
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