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We have too much stuff to move. What should we keep and what should we get rid of?

Getting rid of furniture, clothing, artwork or other bits and pieces that you’ve collected over the years can be a difficult and sometimes emotional process. The simpler your possessions are when you move, the better.  Our advice for de-cluttering is below:
  • Keep a few items for sentimental value or family importance
  • Be ruthless when considering less important and less significant items. Focus on what you’ll need and use on a regular basis in your new home and get rid of everything else.  If you haven't used an item for six months, you're less likely to use it again. Using this rule, it's normally easy to find unnecessary clothing, old books, garden tools, toys and kitchen appliances
  • To help reduce your clutter, you can offer family members and friends any items you no longer need.  Alternatively, you can hold a garage sale.  This will help you get rid of items and raise some money at the same time
  • Go through old paperwork and get rid of any files you no longer need. Keep only the information that should be kept for statutory / tax record reasons
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