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What are some tips for downsizing my home?

Downsizing your home raises lots of questions. Here are a few downsizing tips:
  • Even though they’ve moved out, you’ll probably still want to be involved in your children’s lives. Make sure your new home is handy to where they live, along with the locations of other family and friends.
  • You may not have the kids cluttering up your home anymore, but you’ll still need enough storage space for yourselves. Make sure that your prospective new home has enough room or you could find yourself missing the family house more than you thought.
  • Apartment living has common entry and access points such as parking bays, corridors and lifts that you may not be used to. It may take time to adjust from living in a residential house to living in closer proximity to your neighbours.
  • Apartment blocks have body corporate rules and monthly fees. Make sure you review these thoroughly before purchasing your dream downsized apartment.
  • Consider having an extra room in your property that can be used as a study, reading room or bedroom, when friends, guests, and children visit.
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