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How should I choose a real estate agent to lease my holiday home?

The difference between having an empty holiday home and an occupied one will often come down to having an experienced, professional property management team working on your behalf.  When selecting a real estate agent or property manager to look after your holiday home investment, look for a strong track record of experience in holiday letting, combined with an extensive knowledge of the local rental market. 

First National Real Estate property managers are highly experienced experts.  Once engaged, your agent will draw up a written Property Management agreement with you.  This Agreement will outline everything the agent will be responsible for, what they will need to get in touch with you about, and anything else related to your overall relationship. Items that should be specifically included in the Agreement are:
  • The Property Manager’s fees or commission.
  • Reporting frequency and what needs to be included in each report.
  • Inspection frequency - e.g. how often they will inspect the property.
  • Details of how the property will be marketed (and allowed budgets).
  • Handling of bond lodgement, bond refunds and payment of rent.
  • Tenant screening and selection criteria.
  • Processes for dealing with complaints, rent arrears or other problems.
  • Processes for reviewing the rental price with potential or existing tenants.
  • Procedures for handling maintenance – both routine and extraordinary.
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