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How do I find a good tenant? Can I do this myself?

Selecting a suitable tenant for your commercial property is very important.  The best tenants will look after your investment and reliably pay rent throughout the terms of the commercial real estate lease. Long term tenants are preferable if you wish to receive regular uninterrupted rental income to service your commercial loan.

You should undertake a credit check on any prospective tenants. In New Zealand, you may only do this with the prospective tenant’s permission. Credit checks can be performed by several credit agencies directly online, or you can arrange these checks via your local real estate agent or property manager. Fees typically apply.

It's advisable to ask prospective tenants for references and to contact each reference given (or have your property manager do this), to check that the tenant is reliable and likely to keep up to date with rent payments.

First National agents maintain lists of prospective tenants waiting for particular types of commercial properties so we can help to speed up the leasing process for you.
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