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I’m interested in investing in commercial property. What are some of the benefits?

Commercial real estate can provide you with a solid return on investment (ROI), through steadily increasing rental returns, and improvements in the building's sale price over time.  The main benefits of investing in commercial property are:
  • Commercial property is usually a solid, long-term investment, as long as it is in locations or areas where businesses choose to locate.
  • Commercial property and commercial lease real estate market information is easily accessible, and it's easy to calculate market pricing and returns based on lease rates (which are typically worked out on a per square foot basis).
  • Commercial property often offers higher yields than residential property, with average yields ranging from 5-10%.  These yields depend on the type of business tenant and the terms of the tenancy.
  • Business owners can often take advantage of buying the commercial premises they need to occupy, leasing the spare capacity to cover costs.
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