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What else do I need consider before I lease out my commercial property?

A well-presented commercial property often attracts higher rental returns.  Before looking for tenants, you should undertake any cost-effective building improvements or maintenance required to broaden the appeal of your commercial property.

Ensure that your property is clean and tidy, and appears ready to move into.  Pay careful attention to the following:
  • General building condition – Have any damaged paintwork touched up and any minor damage repaired.
  • Cleanliness – Make sure the property is spotless, walls and bathrooms are clean, and have the carpets professionally cleaned.
  • Surrounds – Make sure the area around the property is clean and tidy, including any gardens and access ways. Clean up any rubbish areas.
  • Car spaces – If the property has car spaces, make sure these are clearly marked or signposted. Apply new car park markings if required.
  • Safety systems – Make sure that all safety systems (alarms, sprinklers etc.) are compliant and fully functional. 
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