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What options do I have for financing my commercial property investment?

Most major New Zealand banks and specialist lending institutions are willing to provide loans for commercial real estate investment. Typically they will lend up to 75% of the purchase price, based on Loan to Asset Value ratios (and the debt servicing abilities of the buyer).

These lenders will consider a number of things when approving finance, including a review of the quality and length of existing (and upcoming) commercial leases.  This review will confirm the amount of rent you are likely to receive and local market factors such as property vacancy rates and property yields.  Lenders will also consider personal factors, such as other sources of income you might have to help you service the loan.

First National Real Estate has affiliations and relationships with many major New Zealand banks and lending institutions.  Contact your nearest First National branch for assistance with finding a commercial property, and the finance to buy it.
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