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Who manages a commercial property?

Commercial real estate requires ongoing maintenance and management. Some landlords choose to manage their own property.  Other owners engage the services of a commercial real estate agent or property manager to take care of their investment. Investors who choose to manage their own commercial property must be prepared to take on all responsibilities involved, such as organising and overseeing maintenance and repairs, regular cleaning, property inspections and rent collection.

While standard commercial property lease agreements are used in New Zealand (such as one prepared by the Auckland District Law Society), variations to these leases are also common. The lease agreement will set out the obligations of the tenant and the landlord for rental payments and frequencies, and items such as maintenance and repairs. Typically, a landlord does not have to repair anything unless it is specifically stated in the lease agreement. Tenants are not usually liable for standard wear and tear, but they may be liable for certain regular maintenance expenses (such as redecorating).  

It is vital that all landlords who manage their own commercial real estate are completely familiar with the legislation governing commercial real estate lease tenancies. Contact your local First National Commercial real estate agent for independent advice, or to engage one of our commercial property managers.
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