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What is a Tenancy Bond? When you move into a rental property, most landlords will ask for an amount equivalent to a few weeks of rent (usuall...
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How can I terminate my Tenancy Agreement?

Different termination rules apply for ongoing periodic tenancy termination and for fixed-term tenancy termination.  These rules are explained below:
For a periodic tenancy:
  • In New Zealand, a tenant must give their landlord or property manager at least 21 days’ written notice that they wish to terminate their tenancy.  Some landlords may allow a shorter notification period, but this should be noted in writing.
  • A landlord should generally give their tenant at least 90 days’ written notice of termination.
  • If the owner has an agreement to sell the property, or if they require it for themselves or a family member to live in, the required minimum tenancy termination notice period is reduced to only 42 days.
For a fixed-term tenancy:
  • At the end of the specified lease period, the tenancy will automatically become a periodic tenancy unless either the landlord or the tenant has given written notice that they do not want this to happen.
  • If you wish to break your Tenancy Agreement by leaving the property early, you will be required to pay the associated costs (these will be specified in your Tenancy Agreement) unless your landlord waives these.
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