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Should I sell my current property?

It can be difficult to decide whether to sell your home or not, when you are considering moving to a retirement village or retirement home. Make sure that you've considered all possibilities, and the financial outcomes of each.  Some reasons you might decide to sell your existing family home include:
  • You no longer need as much living space as you did and a smaller home would be easier to maintain
  • You’re struggling to cover day-to-day living expenses and most of your wealth is locked up in your home
  • You have good reasons to suspect you would get a higher price from selling your home now than in the next few years
  • Your home is properly prepared and well presented for sale
  • Real estate agents and financial advisors you've consulted are comfortable that selling your home now will help you achieve your financial goals
If you do wish to sell your home, talk to our First National Real Estate agents.
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