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What’s the best way to get a good price for my property, auction or private sale?

All New Zealand home sale methods have positives and negatives. Your local First National real estate agent can provide guidance on the most appropriate sales method for your home. Here are some tips about common home selling methods:
  • Auctions can sometimes result in a higher price for your property. In an ideal scenario, you will end up with two or more buyers who really desire your property driving the price higher than you anticipate. As successful auctions rely upon having a number of interested parties in attendance, the marketing undertaken before an auction to attract potential buyers is very important
  • Auctions are often appropriate if your property is unique and difficult to put a value on, or in a highly desirable location, or if you need to sell quickly
  • Private sales give you complete control over your initial asking price, but negotiations with buyers tend to only go in one direction – downwards
  • If you set too low a price with Private Sale, there’s a strong chance you won’t receive your property’s full market value.  If you set too high a price, you’ll be unlikely to attract any offers and the property could remain on the market for a long time. This can make potential buyers suspicious about the house and less willing to put in a fair offer
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