What is an option fee? An option fee is a payment (deposit) of no more than one week’s rent that must be refunded or used as rent if y...
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What is the difference between assisted living retirement homes and independent retirement living?

Assisted living generally refers to having nursing or support staff on hand within the retirement living premises to help retirees. Often they will provide meals, do laundry, cleaning, and provide after-hours general and medical care.

Retirees should consider assisted living when:
  • You’re having difficulty managing daily chores such as cooking, housework and moving, or you need help with showering or bathing
  • You’ve been advised by a medical professional that continuing to live independently may be detrimental to your health
  • You have a partner who requires increased supervision for medical or other reasons, that you do not have the personal capacity or experience to provide
The sales representative at your intended retirement village should be able to offer advice on whether assisted or fully independent living options are best for you.
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