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What legal rights do I have in a retirement village or retirement home?

Retirement villages and retirement homes are shared living spaces, occupied by a number of retirees.  The rights you enjoy in a retirement village may differ from those when you own a residential home - but there are some similarities.
  • Whether you own the full title to your property or you enter into a lease, you will generally enjoy a similar level of security to that of owning your own home
  • In registered retirement villages, all residential units will have ‘memorial on the land title'. This means that if your retirement home operator borrows money and can't repay the loan, the lender is not able to evict you and sell the unit to recover their money
  • Before you sign any contract, make sure to review the terms and policies of the retirement village with a legal advisor to make sure you understand everything you are agreeing to.  Terms will differ across retirement homes
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