Should I be looking to invest in a new or existing home? There are advantages and disadvantages associated with each choice. Here are some points to consider:
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Will moving to a small town or rural area improve my life?

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys change and have handled major life changes well in the past, moving to a small town or rural area could be just the change you need to unlock the full benefits of retired life. You should however note:
  • A move like this won’t guarantee a calmer, happier existence.  Small town living can be just as hectic as a city lifestyle, if you like to keep busy
  • Having a support network in the new location will be an important factor in ensuring a happy move.  It can take some time to build these support networks.  Consider attending local churches or community groups, or joining the RSA or similar service organisations, to help fast track this process
  • You may not like the change to a different geographic area if it means missing friends and family.  You should also consider which services you use in your current city, such as medical services, convenient shopping, restaurants and take away food outlets and other entertainment services.  If similar services are not available in your new location, you may find this frustrating
  • The climate in your new location must be right for you and your wellbeing.  Retirees tend to pick naturally warmer areas of New Zealand, to avoid getting unnecessary colds and flus, whilst reducing home heating costs
Your local First National Real Estate office can provide further helpful information.
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