Running out of space

What should I check for when buying completely undevelope... If you are considering buying undeveloped rural land, check the following:
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How else can I generate income from my lifestyle block?

There are a large number of ways that your lifestyle block can generate income.  You should select an opportunity that is suitable for your property type, that fits in with your lifestyle and work ethic, and that you'll enjoy being a part of.  Some of the ways that lifestyle block owners produce income are:
  • Farming free-range chickens for eggs
  • Free range livestock 
  • Keeping bees for honey-making
  • Using cow or goat milk for making cheese
  • Growing niche fruits or vegetables such as heirloom tomatoes
  • Making organic wine or cider
The Lifestyle Block website contains a wide range of information that is useful for New Zealand lifestyle block owners.
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