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What safety requirements do I need to consider when leasi... Landlords and their agents have a duty of care to the tenants who lease their holiday property.
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Is water affected by algae safe to drink after it has been boiled?

Water infected with or tainted by algae can be poisonous to humans and livestock.  It should be avoided in all cases.  Boiling algal water will not make it safe to drink.
Do not drink or swim in algal water. Don’t rinse vegetables or fruit in it, or cook with it. Don’t wash your clothes in it, as the algae can cause rashes and infections. Don’t eat shellfish or fish caught in it, as the fish may have ingested the algal water.
Take extra care not to spray or flood irrigate pastures or crops with it. If you do use algal water on your farm by mistake, you could infect your entire food crop.
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