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What safety requirements do I need to consider when leasi... Landlords and their agents have a duty of care to the tenants who lease their holiday property.
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Should I be worried about any fire risk from fallen timber?

Due to high rainfall, New Zealand is not generally at risk from wildfires, except in the drier summer months (November to February), or during drought periods.
To reduce fire risks generally on your lifestyle block, keep your property grasses cut regularly, and ensure that there is plenty of clear space (without dry grass or wood items) around your lifestyle block houses, sheds and buildings.
Fallen timber occurs naturally on farms and lifestyle blocks. It can form the basis of native habitats, and it contributes to a healthy eco-system by helping native fauna to flourish. Fungi growing on rotting timber will also help to recycle nutrients back into your soil and nourish the next generation of plants. If fallen timber does pose a fire threat, simply relocate it to a safer place on your property.
For information on New Zealand fire risks, visit the National Rural Fire Authority.
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