Running out of space

What safety requirements do I need to consider when leasi... Landlords and their agents have a duty of care to the tenants who lease their holiday property.
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What about organic farming?

Organic farming and organic produce growing has become increasingly popular options for New Zealand lifestyle block farmers. Organic farms use more natural farming methods including natural manures, compost, crop rotation and organic feed for livestock. Organic farms also avoid using pesticides and fertilizers containing non-natural chemicals. Note that these farming methods may mean more work for the farmers, as hard work is sometimes used in place of chemical compounds.

Most organic lifestyle farms specialise in one type of produce, but there are a wide variety of options.  You may choose to produce organic goat’s milk and cheese, organic fruit and vegetables, or plants such as lavender and other herbs for use in cooking or alternative medicine.  You can sell these items from a roadside stall, an on premise farm shop, or via wholesalers and distributors in your local area.
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