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Is there a time limit on applying for a property division... Is there a time limit on applying for a property division settlement?
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What are the basics of organic farming?

Organic farming is an approach that aims to work with the surrounding natural environment, rather than fighting against it. Only natural fertilisers and chemicals are used, and in some cases these are totally excluded.  Some people say that they can taste a noticeable difference when eating organic foods instead of produce that is intensively farmed.  Prices of organic groceries are generally higher in supermarkets.
Organic farming can make soil heath harder to maintain, and pest control is more difficult.  Weeds must also be tolerated and managed, but not eliminated.
The basics of organic farming involve:
  • Achieving healthy soil without chemicals
  • Managing mildews, fruit flies and scale insects in citrus fruits
  • Managing internal parasites in sheep without chemicals
  • Managing other pests and diseases without chemicals and drugs
There are a large number of resources available about organic farming.  A simple Google search will provide many websites and book choices for you to consider.

Some lifestyle block owners successfully make a living by growing and selling certified organic produce.  Talk to your First National Rural Specialist for advice.
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