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What measures can I take to organically improve the quality of the soil on my lifestyle block?

The best way to improve the quality of your soil is to grow green manure crops such as clover and vetch on your lifestyle block. These crops can be grown during the winter and then be cut down and dug into the soil. The dying plants add nutrients and organic matter to the soil, improving the overall soil quality.
There are plenty of green manure crops you can choose to grow in New Zealand’s temperate climate.  These crops include mustard, lucerne, blue lupin and marigolds. Broad beans are a nice option if you want a crop you can harvest during winter.
Contact local nurseries or agricultural organisations to discuss your lifestyle block farming plans and to find out which crops might be most suitable for your land. 
If you have any remaining questions regarding lifestyle blocks, please contact the friendly First National Real Estate team for guidance.  We're here to help you. 
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