3 ways to add luxurious touches to your bathroom

Date: 25 August 2014
3 ways to add luxurious touches to your bathroom

Living in a 12-bedroom property with five bathrooms and a moat isn't necessary to enjoy luxury. A few simple tweaks can take your home from mediocre to magnificent.

If you've just bought a new home or a property purchase is on the cards, here are some smart ways to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Instead of dreading your morning shower routine, treat the time as a spa-like experience!

Towels and robes

Consider installing a vertical shelf unit that's stacked with fluffy towels, face cloths and robes.

Off-white or cream are wise choices - you'll feel like you're at a high-end hotel each morning when you step into the shower. 

If the space has a bath, be sure to have a plentiful selection of bubble bath and candles, too.

Heated towel rail

Be sure to wrap a toasty towel around you by investing in a towel rail. This addition will ensure your towels are not only warm, but also dry - there's nothing more unpleasant or unhealthy than a damp towel! 

However, you don't need to have the rail switched on all day. Flick it on only when you need it and consider investing in an energy-efficient model. 

Glass and tile shower

While a bath-shower hybrid with a shower curtain will ensure you get fresh and clean, it's hardly the height of luxury. 

A shower with a glass door and tan or navy tiled interior looks stunning - it could even add value to your home. Or perhaps you'll opt for all white tiles for a chic, Scandinavian feel.

Be sure to invest in a high-end shower mixer, too. A sleek, polished hand screams luxury while a quality showerhead with strong pressure is sure to be a welcome addition.

Glossy countertop

Whether you go all out and invest in a marble or granite countertop or opt for a soapstone variety, the end impact is relatively the same.

While the latter is a cheaper option, it still makes a striking impact. A polished, off-white countertop adds an instant sense of luxury, while a flecked pattern made up of neutral hues also looks great.

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