Cook up a dream kitchen for your tenants

Date: 4 September 2014
Cook up a dream kitchen for your tenants

If you've got a rental property, you'll no doubt consider ways you can maximise your return on investment.

While it's not a smart move to complete outlandish renovations that you're unlikely to get your money back from, some changes to a kitchen that's dull or lacking in storage could be a wise move. 

Remember - it's essential to consider what potential or existing tenants want. Put your personal preferences aside and ponder some of these practical tweaks for your rental property's kitchen.

Lighten up

There's nothing more frustrating than hunting in a dark pantry for canned goods or trying to cook a meal in the dark. Tenants will want a bright kitchen that's easy to work in - you can easily address this by switching up the lighting options. 

A large, hanging lamp at the centre of the kitchen will liven up the space, while smaller halogen lights above the stove will ensure anything being boiled, simmered or stewed is in plain view! You don't need to spend a lot to brighten up the space, but consider installing energy efficient bulbs - this will mean lower power bills for your tenants, which is sure to be a plus.

Add storage

There are two reasons to update storage in your rental home or unit - for one thing, extra space is always a bonus. Plus, if the current cabinetry is looking dated, a fresh look can transform the entire kitchen space. 

Consider installing floating shelves, additional built-in storage and even hooks for tenants to hang pots and pans. New cupboard fronts in cream or white and stainless steel handles can add some aesthetic charm, too.

Include a fridge and oven

Sure, buying whiteware or an oven is going to be an expense you'll need to carefully consider.

However, if you're appealing to tenants who have little in the way of household assets, the inclusion of a fridge and oven in the chattels list could be a big bonus, making your property more desirable.

You can even reduce your taxable income by claiming on depreciating assets, such as whiteware, according to the Australian Taxation Office.

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