Is your home ready for a makeover?

Date: 28 August 2014
Is your home ready for a makeover?

Your home is something you're proud of - unless it's falling to pieces, has a dated paint job or is lacking in light. 

However, as a homeowner you've got a lot more freedom to transform your humble abode compared to a renter. Whether you turn a spare room into a guest bedroom or take your kitchen from dull to brilliant is entirely up to you and your particular needs.

Here are three signs it might be time to give your home a makeover!


If you bought a home with its original fittings, flooring and wall colour, you might be wondering if it's time for a makeover.

Perhaps a more modern, fresh look appeals. Select a buttery cream shade for the walls, sand the floor or add tan carpet and paint the window frames and floor runners a cool white.

Once you've sorted out the walls, floor and trims, investigate whether your furniture needs an upgrade, too.

Add space

Perhaps the your home's aesthetic is desirable, but the lack of storage is causing you to practically pull out your hair. 

There are many ways to add extra storage solutions - you could make over a spare room and turn it into a dedicated storage space, for instance. If there's no spare room to play with, consider installing floating shelves, which are relatively inexpensive, in the kitchen or living area.

Revive the bathroom

There's plenty of focus on having a kitchen with all the mod cons and a living area that's spacious.

What about the bathroom though? According to the Housing Industry Association's Kitchens and Bathrooms survey, a new bathroom adds on average $13,986 value to a home as of 2012/13. 

Not only does replacing your bathroom countertop, toilet, showerhead, lighting and flooring make for a more beautiful and easy-to-use space, it could also boost your home's value - great news if you ever choose to sell in the future.

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