What should I discard when downsizing?

Date: 17 July 2014
What should I discard when downsizing?
Once you've made the decision to downsize, your attention will need to turn to how exactly you can make this happen.

After all, it's more than just about finding a smaller property - you'll need to figure out what items you can do without when you make the move.

Here are some odds and ends you might want to think about discarding when you start your new downsized life.


It's not uncommon to collect large amounts of books over the course of your lifetime. From fact to fiction, recipe books to travel guides, if your shelf is full then it's time for a clear-out.

Why not donate the items to your local charity shop or hold a book sale? Don't be tempted to swap them with friends and family otherwise your stock pile won't deplete!

Kitchen gadgets

How many times have you got swept away by the latest kitchen craze and bought yet another implement that's not seen the light of day for years?

The kitchen is one room in the house that tends to accumulate more useless items than most. Take a look through your drawers and cupboards and decide what's not needed any more.

Towels and bedding

If you once had several people living under one roof, it's more than likely you've mounted up various different towels and bedding sizes.

Moving into a one-bedroom house with a double bed means you can get rid of all those guest towels and single bedding sets, ensuring you only have what you'll need once you've relocated.


We've all been on holiday and kept hold of a random collection of items '"for the memories'". Well, there's no better time to think about getting rid of them than when you're downsizing.

The same goes for countless photos. Why not have them scanned onto a disc? It's much easier to store and will ensure all your memories are kept intact.
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