3 tips for childproofing your home

Date: 10 October 2014
3 tips for childproofing your home
Your new property may be your dream home, but that doesn't mean it's child friendly. This can lead to the need to undertake certain tasks when you move into a new home. Perhaps you've taken over a family home where the kids have long since grown up and safety measures weren't needed, or you are downsizing your family to a smaller inner-city abode - whatever the reason, here are three quick steps you can take to make your new property purchase childproof, setting your mind at ease.

Latch the kitchen

The kitchen is always a focal point in a home, with a constant thoroughfare of culinary and social activity, so you can expect your children to be nearby while you prepare meals or clean up. With so many potential hazards around the kitchen, it's important to keep the area danger-free. Latch up cupboards or drawers that contain sharp or heavy objects, or perhaps use a metallic strip or knife block to keep knives out of reach. Ensure any dangerous liquids are out of reach too!

Guard the garden

If your new home has a garden area, it's a good idea to go through it carefully, perhaps with a horticulturalist, to identify any plants or berries that could be harmful. We know how kids love to get out and play, and you don't want them accidentally running into some nettle or inedible berries.

Turn power points into cover points

Often you'll find that power points are low to the ground and out of the way, but not out of reach of children. Sliding covers over these can stop inquisitive kids from playing around with them, as can the basic plastic plug covers. Keep cords out of the way to minimise accidents as well.

Keep on top of child safety when you buy a home, and you'll be able to have energetic play time without a worry!
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