Decked out Freshening your outdoor area for spring

Date: 2 October 2014
Decked out Freshening your outdoor area for spring
The sun's back in our lives for the next few months as we enter spring, so what better time than to spruce up your deck or patio area for your enjoyment? It won't just make a peaceful area for you and your family, it'll make an enticing feature if you decide to sell at any point. Here are some easy, dreamy features to add to your deck.
Making the deck di-vine

If your desk has posts supporting it at the corners, why not dress these up with some seasonal vines? They give your deck a touch of greenery without being overbearing, and if you put them up with some trellis you can screen out pests while still enjoying the bulk of the sun. If you want something a bit more contained, hanging baskets with plants. This gives you the same green framing, but requires less maintenance. 
Bench press
If you have a small deck area, you could consider adding benches that are attached to the walls of the house, or to a low lip on the edge of the deck. They won't be intrusive and they'll function as excellent reading spots when the sun is out. 
Keep it pergolated
Don't have a good cover for your area? Try a pergola! They aren't just striking visual pieces, the slats provide good cover while also letting enough sun through. They work well with the earlier vine idea, and you could even hang the washing up on them if you wanted to! 
There are so many more things you can do for your deck as well, from installing hammocks to planting trees nearby for shade. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to give your deck some tender loving care this spring - you'll love the results, and benefit from it all summer long.
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