How do I sell my home quickly?

Date: 8 October 2014
How do I sell my home quickly?
If you're in the position of putting your home up for sale, there are many actions you can take to boost chances of an excellent sale, often regarding making improvements to your home. But how do you go about making a quick sale? Whether you have a set deadline to move into a new house or are just itching to be rid of your current property, here's some ways to boost your chances of getting an offer as soon as you put your property on the market.

Make the price nice

By being realistic with your price, you'll be more likely to attract quick bids. Going lower than the market value can mean you'll get early bids on your home and perhaps even result in competing buyers outdoing one another to bring you a profit. But if you want to attract early offers, pricing low is the way to go - but don't go so low you sell yourself short on any mortgage you took out! Set your price too high and you may end up scaring people off.

Set your paperwork in order

By organising things like all of the inclusions with your home, you can save a lot of time at the negotiating table once someone makes an offer. By having every detail of the transaction and home already prepared and in writing with your conveyancer or solicitor, buyers can have all the information they need without having to come back and ask further questions.

Use the best advice

Nothing will help you sell a home more quickly than using the right agent. Someone who knows your local area and can connect with eager buyers quickly will be an excellent asset when it comes time to get your property sold. Agents will also be able to implement strong negotiating skills so you won't just sell quickly but be likely to sell at a good price too!
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