⚑ FN ALERT | Is there a ticking time bomb in your home?

Date: 24 September 2014
 ⚑ FN ALERT | Is there a ticking time bomb in your home?
Anybody who has had electrical work done in their home since 2010 could be faced with the risk of fire from faulty electrical cables.
A large workforce is attempting to identify where 4,000km of faulty wiring went after Sydney woman, Lu Luo, imported half price Chinese wiring. Her company, Infinity Cable Co is in liquidation and she now faces criminal charges.
The insulation around the cable will likely become brittle by 2016, potentially breaking and causing an electrocution hazard or risk of fire.
Branded Infinity or Olsent, the cable was sold in NSW (2010/13), Vic, QLD, SA & WA (2012/13) and Tasmania in 2013 only.
If you think your home might be affected, First National Real Estate recommends you contact the person who did the work and ask if Infinity or Olsent cables were used.
If they were, your installer must come back and check whether there is a risk - you should not be charged for this service (but your cable will not be replaced at this point).
If the cable has been installed, the orginal supplier must arrange for the cable to be replaced. 
The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has issued a recall. For more information, click here.
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