5 tips for making the most of a small garden

Date: 20 September 2014
5 tips for making the most of a small garden
A garden can be a real selling point for a property and just because yours is a little on the small side, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be making an effort with it.
Here are some ideas for getting the most out of the space and giving your property the wow factor.
1. Seating
Even the smallest of gardens should have space for a seating area. Whether you invest in a trendy bistro set or even a bench, it'll show that your garden is functional and great for enjoying those summer days.
2. Hanging baskets

Freeing up the floor is important if space is at a premium, which is why you might want to think of more creative ideas of incorporating foliage. Hanging baskets are ideal because they can add a splash of colour without taking up any of your valuable space.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors are typically used in the home to create the illusion of space, so why not use the same principle in the garden? Some carefully placed mirrors can bounce the light and make an area seem much bigger than it actually is.

4. Climbers

Another way to add plants to your garden without losing too much space is to invest in climbers. Training them up trellis or even wire mesh will bring colour and vibrancy to your garden - all you have to do is put them in a pot and attach them to the fence before watching them grow.

5. Roof garden

If you've got a flat-roofed shed in your garden then why not think about transforming it into a garden of its own? You will need to make sure the structure is able to support planting and watering, but this is a good way of adding interest to your small plot. Be sure to select plants that will cope without too much attention!
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