Holiday homebodies: Adding polish to your property

Date: 26 September 2014
Holiday homebodies: Adding polish to your property
It's springtime again, which means if you own a holiday home there will be people contacting you about renting it much more over the coming months. As the holiday letting season gets busier, more and more people will be coming into your home - here are some tips on keeping the mess at bay. 
Slipover into style
With a holiday home, people will likely be in a festive mood - this can mean a spilled drink (or a few) here and there, so it's important to protect the furniture in your house. Stain-resistant slip covers can be affordable, stylish, comfortable and protect the upholstery from a wide range of possible spills or tears. 
Kidproof kitchens
The family holiday over the summer is a tradition as old as time, so make sure your holiday home is safe for the little ones. Magnetic strips or elevated knife blocks are handy for keeping kids away from sharper kitchen objects, and remember to have adequate out-of-reach storage for things like alcohol or cleaning chemicals. If you had them below the sink or in a low cupboard, this could free up space for rubbish or more food storage. 
Of course, one easy way to minimise holiday wear and tear is to set out the guidelines when tenants sign agreements. Your house, your castle, your rules - if you don't want anyone to be smoking, or have a limit on the amount of people staying at the home, it's a discussion you can have with potential tenants when they apply to stay. 
Everyone loves to kick back and enjoy their summer in style - keeping your holiday property safe and sound doesn't just mean tenants will love to come back, it means you could even soak up some rays there yourself without stress. 
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