How to make yourself an ideal tenant

Date: 24 September 2014
How to make yourself an ideal tenant
In today's highly competitive property market, renting remains a popular option for many people. As a result, you'll need to show your prospective landlord that you're the type of tenant they are after.
Whether you're renting for the first time or looking to move from an existing property, making the right first impression is essential.
Here are some top tips for moving yourself to the top of the list, which should help you secure the rental property of your dreams.
Be professional
If you ever get the opportunity to meet your prospective landlord, it pays to be professional. After all, they will want to know their investment is in safe hands.
This doesn't mean you shouldn't show any personality - strike the perfect balance, make the right impression and you can't go far wrong.
Offer references
Many landlords will request references for their tenants, so it's a good idea to get yours in order before you make a tenancy application.
This shows that you're well-prepared and trustworthy - two traits that will stand you in good stead for getting the property you have your eye on.
Ask questions
Most people will have a whole host of questions they want to ask when they view a rental property for the first time, so make sure you're not afraid to put yours forward.
This will show that you're generally interested in the apartment, unit or house and that it's not simply another one to tick off your list - even if in reality it is!
Be prepared
Would-be landlords could ask you any range of questions, which is why you'll need to make sure you're prepared to answer them.
Common queries include your employment history, where you've lived in the past and other data-specific information. Having all the details stored to memory can simplify the rental process.
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