Green change Solar can help the homeowner, purchaser, community and the environment

Date: 4 March 2011

By taking small steps you could be living a greener lifestyle sooner than you think.

A survey found Australians were backing their commitment to fight climate change with their savings.

“While watching the household finances can hinder investment in some of the bigger-ticket items, it’s important to remember that many green practices, like recycling and composting, are free and some could even save you money,” a spokesman said.

“When it comes to the bigger-ticket items, such as rainwater tanks, and energy efficient appliances, paying a little more upfront to protect the environment can save money over the long term, particularly with the rising costs of water, gas and electricity.”

First National Real Estate CEO Ray Ellis said solar power was an increasingly smart investment option.

“With rooftops being underutilised, there is no real excuse for homeowners not to take advantage of some of the government incentives available for conversions of this kind,” he said.

Investing in rooftop solar power and other solar-power options makes good sense for the homeowner, potential purchasers, the community and the environment”

Date: 4 March 2011

First National Real Estate
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