Chamber celebrates 100-year milestone

Date: 13 September 2013
It’s not everyday you celebrate a centurion’s birthday but last week the Muswellbrook Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a special breakfast meeting at the home of Edward Higgens, Parkinson First National.

The long-established real estate firm, located in the heart of town, observed the 100th anniversary of its office known as Luscombe Chambers.

The structure, designed by eminent architect of his day Mr JC Luscombe, was once described as “a fine building speaking volumes for local enterprise”.

It was constructed in 1913 and took 12 months, courtesy of local builders W Barrett & Sons.

“The three-storey structure has been a landmark in the town for 100 years and represented the prosperity and vision for the future that was alive and well in 1913,” Edward Higgens, Parkinson First National principal Tony McTaggart said.

“We also have an equally rich history and our business was established in Muswellbrook before 1890.

“It’s pretty hard to unravel the past of the building without referring to Edward Higgens, Parkinson and Co who has been the occupier of Luscombe Chambers since the early 1920s.

“The real estate auctioneer moved up the street, by three buildings, upon acquiring the old firm of Tindale and Co.

“In 1913, the ground floor at Luscombe Chambers was taken up by Messrs Tindale and Co, the first floor was let to Mr GA Post as a dentist and Mr Hal Jackson, who started a photographic studio, occupied the third floor.

“The studio survived for a number of decades and latter traded as Howlett’s Photography.

“Muswellbrook Coal Company, an infant operation back then and the forerunner of coal mining in the Upper Hunter, also had its office in Luscombe Chambers.

“Even the Muswellbrook Chronicle (January 28, 1914) reported that a representative of the Chronicle paid a visit this week to the building that was started a little over 12 months ago, and that the building was finished with every modern convenience. It was fitted with a bathroom on every floor and had fireplaces and hearths throughout the entire building.”

Chamber of Commerce and Industry members were treated to a cooked breakfast.

As well, a special cake was cut to celebrate the building’s centenary.

A bottle of champagne was also presented to Muswellbrook solicitor Ben Hoffman after he won the guessing competition.

He answered right in stating Luscombe Chambers had 48 internal steps in its grand stairway.

First National Real Estate Edward Higgens, Parkinson

Source: Muswellbrook Chronicle, 13 Sep 2013
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