First National Westwood

Trish Farquer

Sales Consultant

The bottom line is you want to sell your property and be happy about the deal when it’s done!!

The question is “What type of person would you trust to sell your property “?

You’re absolutely right feeling uneasy about this major decision. l would be too. It’s not every day you have to place your financial interests in some-one else’s hands.
If you’re like most people you will want to deal with someone who’s dedicated to helping you achieve the highest possible price, with the least interruption to your daily routine. You need someone who’s mindful of your security and your privacy.

Of course you want someone who’s enthusiastic, trustworthy and easy to relate to.

I’m passionate about people and l truly care about all my client’s needs.

I’m also a local, having lived in Werribee most of my life. My experience with clients has revealed that buyers feel an instant security when dealing with someone who has as much local knowledge and fond memories as l have. So we have a head start on selling your home already.

My friendly and considerate manner toward prospective buyers enables me to build instant rapport, which leads to sales. Furthermore, l get people to quickly see the benefits of buying which lowers resistance, again increasing the chances of sales.

My regular communication with you will keep you updated with the current market situation. It will also remind you that my close knit team and l are constantly looking for serious buyers for your property.

As you strongly consider doing business with me, it’s important to know that l have your best interests at heart. It has to be that way for me to achieve the best possible results for both of us and to help make this a smooth transition for you.

In any case, you be the judge. You’ll soon realize that I’m true to my word.

So go for it!!! Picture the SOLD sign on your home and let’s get started selling your house right now.