If you have confidence in one agent then offer them an exclusive agency agreement.  Your faith will come from their reputation, knowledge, presentation and your feelings during the interview.
Why choose First National Real Estate for your Exclusive Listing?
First National Real Estate agents concentrate their efforts on targeting legitimately interested buyers using a myriad of industry leading technologies as well as professional skills.
  • What is an ‘Exclusive listing’?
An exclusive listing agreement appoints a single real estate agency to represent you in the sale of your property.
  • What is the key benefit?
The key benefit to an exclusive listing arrangement is control.  You have one point of contact and one point of responsibility.  Your appointed agent will be 100% committed to and 100% responsible for the outcome of your sale.
  • Quantity or Quality?
When it comes to buyers, it is quality, rather than quantity that is important.  When offering your property for sale through multiple estate agencies, you may expect to gain attention from more buyers.  However, there is no guarantee of this, and when open listed, no single estate agency is 100% accountable to you for their performance.
  • What does an Exclusive Listing mean for your agent?
Some people list their home with multiple agents.  This is known as ‘Open or General Listing’.  However, agents earn their income through sales, not listings, so they’re less likely to give a great commitment unless they’ve got a chance of success.  Like all business people, estate agents dedicate time where they’re most likely to gain.
That means Exclusive Listing.
You are granting an agent responsibility and a good agent responds to that.
With this selling method, the pressure is off you because you now have the agent’s full commitment.