First National Real Estate understand when it comes to moving families.  
We’re the experts.
With around 550 First National Real Estate offices throughout Australia and New Zealand, relocation has never been easier.
  • Find your new home before you leave your old home
First National Real Estate can help make moving from one home to another an easy process, whether you’re moving across the country, across town, or across the road. Our relocation programme means your local First National agent works with the First National Real Estate office in the area you are considering moving to.
That office responds by supplying a list of suitable properties as well as an information pack on the region.
  • Local knowledge makes for a sound decision
Many First National Real Estate members are second and third generation agents in their local area. They can share their local knowledge to supply information about your future location including schools; shopping centres, sports facilities and local organizations. This information is essential to making a sound decision.
  • Moving with young children
Ask for our “We’re Moving” leaflet online at or click here to go to "We're Moving" leaflet on this website.
  • Rent before you move in
First National Real Estate can assist with rental property should you need accommodation before you have access to your new home (or while you search for the right property).
  • Company Transfers
First National Real Estate offices are experienced with company transfers.
  • Search Online for more information
Searching for properties online is easy with First National Real Estate’s website:
As well as being able to search for residential properties to purchase or rent, you can visit the Commercial, Rural, Fine Homes, Business and Holiday Letting sections of the website to assist you with other real estate needs.
You can request a printed guide be sent to your home address by completing an online form.
First National Real Estate can help make moving from one area to another easy.
 Not only can we sell your existing property, we can also assist in finding your new home before you leave your old home.
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